Brian Dempsey instructing the February 2018 course in Dublin

66,000 Steps To Control In Dublin – Overcoming Stuttering Together

Not everyone can relate to the physical struggle seen with a stutter but everyone can connect with raw emotion. The documentary in January did many things. It projected to millions how a person who stutters feels when they cannot say their own name or make a phone call in work. It revealed to stutterers what is possible through hard work and a little self-belief. Most importantly, it uncovered the “I’m the only person who stutters” myth and broke down that sense of isolation.

Eighteen very courageous people took the big step to finally gain control of their stutter in Dublin with the first Irish McGuire Programme course of the year. The course was held in the Ashling Hotel. The course commenced on Wednesday 21st of February and finished up at 7.30pm on Saturday 24th of February. Brian Dempsey – a Dublin native – instructed the course. Brian’s first course was November 2011 with Gareth Gates at the helm. Brian steered a tight ship and kept everyone energised throughout the 3 days. It was clear from Brian that discipline was going to be key during these next few days. “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” became Mr Dempsey’s mantra during the course. The point was made that to break bad habits of a lifetime, discipline is going to be the cornerstone to success.

Around sixty graduates, coaches and course instructors (returning members) came back to help improve their own speech but also to teach and support the new students’ progress during the course.

Although there are many things that may separate the new students, they all share the one drive and determination for a better life, no longer controlled by their stutter. The younger new students were a breath of fresh air. They showed that a wise head really can sit on young shoulders.

Eighteen people took that first big step to control, and they all did fantastic. It was a pleasure to see them all grow and progress in confidence as the course continued. They now have the techniques and the support to help them improve and become the people they have always wanted to be whether it is speaking in church, making a speech or finally ordering what they want to order in a restaurant. Sometimes it’s the little things in life! Here’s to taking those steps to success (however little or big).

Cormac King


Improvement Day (Members Only) – January 18, 2020

After our very successful improvement day in 2018 we are delighted that we will be hosting another improvement day in January 2020

An improvement day is aimed at grads and coaches who want to take their speech to the next level by challenging themselves and pushing out their comfort-zones. This day is about learning more about the Psychological side to stuttering. So if you are looking at learning more and you want to challenge your speech then this is the day for you

REQUIREMENTS: You must have completed your refresher course (so been on 2 intensive courses). This event is open to all ages and levels of experience on the programme; grads, coaches, and we will be running special workshops for under 18’s.

Starting at 9:30am sharp, 50min sessions till 5pm

We will be arranging a social evening afterwards, so please let us know if you will be joining us for the social evening too.

There will be a charge of €20 to cover the cost of the room hire.

If you are interested in attending please contact Brian Dempsey on 0879738822 by 08th January 2020 to book your place, which will give us time to allocate presentations etc.

3-Day Intensive Course February 26.-29.2020 in Dublin

Ashling Hotel, Dublin, 26th to 29th February 2020
from 7pm on 26th to 7.30pm on 29th.