A Celebration Of Resilience In Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our final course in 2017 took place in Belfast from 25th-28th October, where 6 resilient people from all walks of life took part in their first 3 day McGuire Programme intensive course in order to deal with their stutter.

Guest speaker Niamh Shiells & Course Instructor Mary Moorehead at the 25th-28th October 2017 course: Belfast

Guest speaker Niamh Shiells & Course Instructor Mary Moorehead at the 25th-28th October 2017 course: Belfast

Throughout the course they worked very hard at learning, drilling and practicing both the physical and psychological aspects to stuttering.

During the course, we were honoured to have Niamh Shiells as a guest speaker.

Niamh’s husband, Alistair, is a member of the McGuire Programme since attending his first McGuire Programme course in October 2014, which meant that Niamh had an good insight into stuttering and all that it entails.

She talked about the importance of building ‘resilience’ (both physical and psychological resilience), which included persistence, optimism, having a positive frame of mind, flexibility, taking risks, stepping outside our comfort zone, dealing with the negative internal voice, emotions and much more.

During her workshop, each member of the group took a self-assessment which indicated their current level of resilience in different situations and she explained about things to do to improve resilience in any areas that people scored lower on. They understood the importance of building resilience and its benefit in helping to overcome their stutter.

It was a fantastic workshop with much positive feedback from the whole group. Many thanks Niamh. Check out Niamh’s website:

On the final day of the course, the 6 new members took to the streets of Belfast where they showed admirable resilience in speaking to over 100 strangers and doing their public speech. These are situations where they would have avoided before attending the course.

Our next course is from 21st-24th February 2018 in Dublin.

If you are interested in attending, then apply today:

Kara McMahon receiving her CII Certificate from David McNally on the October 2016 course in Belfast

Kara’s Leap Of Faith To Deal With Her Stammer / Stutter

In February 2008 I took a leap of faith and joined the McGuire Programme, instantly I felt at home.  A room full of stutterers is a highly unusual thing, especially when they are all talking openly about stuttering and supporting each other. Therein lies the magic of the McGuire Programme.

In the days, months and years that followed my commencement on the programme I was on a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Ultimately it was the McGuire technique that got me through the bumps along with the immense support of the coaches and instructors. My perseverance and motivation to gain control of my stutter prevailed.

8 years later, here I am, a newly certified course instructor intern, wanting to give back to the McGuire Programme that has given me so much. Society is full of inspirational people and stutterers are no exception to this. On the McGuire Programme you meet people of all walks of life, each inspiring in their own right.

Articulate eloquence shines bright in these people and this is my ultimate goal.

Kara McMahon