Irish martial arts instructor conquers stammer

My name is Jamie Googan and I am proud to say that I am challenged by stammering. As a child growing up with a severe stammer, I always wondered why I spoke in a different way from other students and why they would laugh at me when I tried desperately to pronounce my own name. […]

Edel Reel, left, at work in Mc Evoy's shop in Newry Picture by Bill Smyth

Stammering: One woman’s story of taking back control

Original Article via The Irish Times: From being unable to leave her house alone to being able to read at Mass, Co Armagh woman Edel Reel’s life has been transformed thanks to a course aimed at those who stutter. She told Jenny Lee about it AS A teenager Edel Reel’s life was ruled by […]

Newspaper Writes About James Taking Control Of His Stutter.

James Caplan, 44, works full time as a managing director for a financial advice agency based in Pynnacles Close, Stanmore, employing 29 staff and managing two offices and he has a stutter!! After going from avoiding his children’s sports days to studying to become a coach, one man hopes to inspire his fellow stammerers to […]

A Titanic City Experience

To finish off our courses for 2015, we returned to Belfast, Titanic City, where 13 students embarked on their journey to overcome their stutter. The course venue was the Holiday Inn Express in the Queens area of the city. Over 40 existing members attended this course to help the students learn the technique and to […]

Conquering Their Fear Of Stammering In Dublin

On Saturday 25th July 2015, 32 members of the McGuire Programme attended a Refresher Day in Wynn’s Hotel in Dublin to further their journey towards articulate, eloquent speech. 10 of these had attended their first McGuire Programme course only 4 weeks ago. During the day we practiced and drilled the physical weapons to counteract the […]

Overcoming A Stammer

Hospital doctor Constantin Manole developed a stammer when he moved to Ireland as a child, but with the help of a new programme, he has learned to view it from a new perspective. Constantin Manole is my name. I am 22 years old and originally from Romania. I have recently begun working as a hospital […]