Brian Dempsey instructing the February 2018 course in Dublin

66,000 Steps To Control In Dublin – Overcoming Stuttering Together

2018 has only just begun and yet the stuttering community has already stamped its mark on the nation. ‘School for Stammerers’ – the ITV documentary which aired (also on TV3 in Ireland) at the beginning of January 2018 – pulled at the heartstrings of everyone that tuned in. It followed the journey of some very brave people learning how to overcome their stutter through the McGuire Programme.

Liam Pogson of Mirfield, who has managed to take control of his stammer and is to appear on a TV programme about the affliction.

How Talking To 50 Strangers A Day Helped Conquer My Stammer

Liam Pogson talking about The McGuire Programme and ITVs new show ‘School for Stammerers’ to be broadcast on TV3 10.01.2018

Stammerer Ashley Guerin. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Speaking Out – A Television Documentary Features A Norwich Man Helping People Control Their Stammers

One in a hundred people has a stammer. There is no cure but there is hope.

Shannen McEwen

Shannen Joins Our Coaching Team To Help Members Defeat Their Stammer

I was controlled by my stammer and it frustrated me to no end as I could not say what I wanted to say.

A Celebration Of Resilience In Belfast, Northern Ireland

Six resilient people from all walks of life took part in their first 3 day McGuire Programme intensive course in order to deal with their stutter.

Winning Back Words: International Stuttering Awareness Day

The second in a two-article collection, highlighting International Stuttering Awareness Day. Sarah Maclean-Morris reminisces on life past and present with a stutter*. A reminder of how much my life has changed.