I started stammering at the age of 8 & there began my covert stammering journey.  I became a world class covert stammerer in my 20s to such an extent that my family, close friends and colleagues didn’t think I had a stammer!  I achieved this through quick word substitution and avoiding situations.

But as the years went on it became more of a challenge to keep up the facade – to the point where I simply had to reach out for help. That is how I came to be a member of the McGuire Programme.

In November 2010 I rang Joe O’Donnell (having hung up the phone 4 times before that week!) and I enrolled on the next course.  In February 2011 I travelled to Belfast and I haven’t looked back since.

I really enjoy public speaking now and no longer need to avoid situations.
The McGuire Programme has taught me to work hard, be courageous and to challenge myself – so now through sheer determination, and with the help of McGuire graduates and coaches, I am firmly on the road to Articulate Eloquence!!