Having somehow got through several presentations in college between 1996 and 1999, I swore to myself that I would never put myself through another one again.

The fear and anxiety that I built up in myself in the days leading up to these presentations was quickly replaced by feelings of embarrassment and shame as I stood in front of the class and tried to speak.

After college I worked in finance for several years, but I knew that this career was never going to make me happy.

In 2007 I enquired about a nutritional therapy diploma. At the open day the first thing that came to my attention was a presentation at the end of the first year, which would be June 2008 if I enrolled in the course.

Alarm bells rang in my head and memories of previous presentations came back to haunt me, but I needed a change in career so I decided to go for it. As June 2008 came closer I applied to join the McGuire Programme.

Luckily there was a place left for the May 2008 course. After 3 days on this course I actually believed that I could make my presentation in 4 weeks time.

In the days leading up to the presentation the feelings of fear and anxiety returned, but this time I had the support of the McGuire Programme to lean on. I used what I had learned from the McGuire Programme for my presentation and it went really well.

Instead of wanting to get it over with I stood in front of my class and took it all in. For 15 minutes I spoke eloquently and enjoyed the experience.

From that day to this one I have made more presentations in college and work and have spoken at a friend’s wedding. The fear is manageable now.