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Don’t give up on achieving your dreams.

Megan Gribben, a McGuire Programme member and now a first-year student mental health nurse, didn’t let her stammer/stutter prevent her from securing a place on the degree course she always wanted. Read Megan’s story about not giving up and chasing your dreams LINK: https://www.rcn.org.uk/magazines/students/2020/my-stammer-will-not-stop-me-nursing-student-nov2020?fbclid=IwAR0v8q9ptKvur4EP_jusreByovbG3J1dweYsOFpOFnB2D92UfWWg0VMW614

Tried And Tested In Cork

For our final course in 2019 we returned to the cultural city of Cork to the historic Metropole Hotel in the city centre. Joining us on our 3 day intensive course were 12 people who had the wish to overcome their stutter, as well as over 50 returning members. Throughout the 3 days we learned, […]

Simon Joins Our Coaching Team

There used to be a time when I could only dream about being a strong speaker. To dream about being able to say what I want when I want. Thanks to the McGuire Programme, those dreams have very much become a reality. My mother always said to me “Simon, I’ll keep looking until we find […]

Megan’s Turnaround

It’s extremely hard for me to put into words what this programme has done for me. I joined this programme at the age of 17, I was scared, embarrassed and ashamed of having a stammer, or being different from everyone my age! I had a multitude of tricks and avoidance behaviours. The first time I […]

‘Finding My Voice’

‘Finding My Voice’ As we sat down at a table in a local café, it was hard to imagine that this confident young lady I was talking to suffers from a severe and debilitating stammer, but this indeed was the case. Now 26,  Ballymoney’s Megan Gribben, was  enrolled in the ‘McGuire Programme’ helping people overcome […]

16-year-old from Upminster, UK to become one of the youngest speech coaches on the McGuire Programme.

A teenager from Upminster, who overcame his own stammer, is now going to help teach others.  16-year-old Callum Wells has lived with a “covert stammer” his entire life. Growing up, he had to make constant efforts to avoid stammering and situations which might induce it.  “It was very exhausting, my mind was constantly alert for […]