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Another McGuire Programme intensive 3 day course finished but it is only the beginning of the life changing journey for 16 brave people who stutter – and who now have control over their stutters. The McGuire Programme has been changing the lives of people who stutter all over the world for over 20 years. I feel really proud to play an active part in changing the lives of people of all ages who stutter and I was given the pleasure of instructing my 5th McGuire Intensive Course over a beautiful June weekend in Salthill, Galway, Ireland.

Sixteen people who stutter joined us on the Wednesday night for the introduction session. They were a mixed bunch of people from all walks of life, aged between 13 and 74 years of age. Six of the new students were under the age of 18 and 4 were female – 25% female to 75% male. The majority (75%) were overt stutterers and the rest (25%) were covert.

I have to say that this was an exceptional and very emotional course to instruct. The new students with the help of the returning coaches and graduate members displayed great discipline inside and outside the main conference room. Some emotions got the better of people but that was not out of frustration but out of seer determination and seeing themselves change right before their own eyes.  Something they didn’t thing was possible until now.

Some of the new students told me after the closing speeches that they are so happy that they made the decision to attend and to join – some of these new students were apprehensive on the Wednesday night before the sessions began and even thought about turning full circle and going home before arriving at the hotel. I’m so happy they pushed themselves forward.

For those of you reading this that don’t know much about the programme, I will give you a bit of an insight. The McGuire Programme gives people who stutter the skills, techniques, ability and confidence to go from stuttering out of control to being able to do the things in life that people take for granted – speakingbut not only that, it transfer them into articulate eloquent speakers in full control of their stutters.

And another important thing to mention is that everyone involved in the programme is a person who stutters, who have themselves gone through the programme and have gained control of their own stutters and continual return to attend intensive refreshers courses in order to give something back and help the new students while still helping themselves on their own journeys.

The aim of the programme, as the book title states is to go ‘Beyond Stuttering’ and to deal with all the freezing, all the struggle, the distortions, and the many tricks and avoidances of a person who stutters and replace these behaviours with powerful, eloquent and articulate speech.

So, if you are considering joining this wonderful programme, the next McGuire Programme Ireland Three Day Intensive Course will be held in Belfast this coming October 2015. And if you are seriously thinking about attending and doing something proactive about your stutter and your stuttering behaviour, then please contact the Regional Director, Joe O’Donnell.

You won’t be disappointed.

Emmet O’Connell, Course Instructor & Regional Director McGuire Programme Deutschland

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