We are the largest international self help group of people who stutter, helping people who stutter.


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OVER 25 years helping people who stutter TO BECOME MORE CONFIDENT COMMUNICATORS.

Our Programme consists entirely of people challenged by stuttering: We are not speech therapists, however, we are successfully working to overcome our stutter. We understand what it takes to overcome stuttering and the many tricks and avoidances associated with stuttering: 
Your journey out of ‘out of control stuttering’ starts with attending one of our 3-Day residential intensive courses (listed below), and taking advantage of the after-support from our dedicated team of trained coaches.

Due to COVID-19 we will now be offering online courses in 2021

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Membership Benefits

The lifetime membership entitles you to access all The McGuire  Programme’s
resources, including intensive and refresher courses, support groups and the coaches phone list. The Programme is here for you to use as much or as little as you want. Our aim is to help you overcome your stutter.
The lifetime follow-up support is provided for you after your initial starter course. We don’t just train you in the McGuire techniques and then let you go your own way; we WANT to ensure your success.
Our comprehensive follow-up support network is a huge reason for our success and we are prepared to give you whatever you need to overcome your stutter.  
You can return to as many 3-Day intensive courses as you like for a  fee of 80 EUR (members only fee).
As a member these additional courses are opportunities to consolidate your skills and understanding as well as helping to teach new students in the techniques. You will find that even in the early days you will be able to assist, inspire and support new students on their first intensive course.

One day and weekend events are held on a regular basis to further consolidate your skills as well as supporting other members.

Support Groups operate throughout our regions to provide mutual support, contact and friendship with other McGuire Programme members.

You will be given a workbook containing a structured support plan for your first six weeks of following your first the course.
This initial period is key and the workbook helps to keep your focused.
Your Primary Coach is your first line of support. You will be able to discuss your speaking goals, plan how to attain these goals and be supported and encouraged in achieving them.

You will receive our course manual ‘Beyond Stuttering‘. The manual incorporates all you have learnt on the course and much more.



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MCGUIRE testimonials

Sharon Gavillet 300

Sharon Gavilletn — “Allowing yourself to be courageous and accepting support is the beginning of new opportunities." "Determination + Consistency = Success”

Sharon Gavilletn
Course Instructor
Joined 2010
Brian Dempsey 300

Brian Dempsey — ““It’s about having the want and not the need”.”

Brian Dempsey
Course Instructor
Joined 2010

Patrick Hanlon — “The McGuire Programme has not only given me control of my speech and self-confidence, but it’s transformed my quality of life. What once was a far-off dream is now a reality, what once was seemingly unachievable is now becoming attainable. The things I never thought possible or opportunities I never thought I would have are now my everyday.”

Patrick Hanlon
Course Instructor
Joined 2010