Upcoming courses for 2014

Date City Venue Country
Oct 22nd '14 - Oct 25th '14 Belfast, Northern Ireland Ramada Encore, Belfast Ireland
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Ramada Encore, 20 Talbot St.. APPLY ONLINE

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Upcoming courses for 2015

Date City Venue Country
Feb 04th '15 - Feb 07th '15 Dublin Ashling Hotel, Dublin Ireland
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street. APPLY ONLINE
Jun 24th '15 - Jun 27th '15 Salthill, Galway Salthill Hotel, Galway Ireland
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Salthill Hotel, Promenade, W Rockbarton. APPLY ONLINE
Oct 21st '15 - Oct 24th '15 Belfast, Northern Ireland Ramada Encore, Belfast Ireland
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Ramada Encore, 20 Talbot St.. APPLY ONLINE

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Mechanics & dynamics.

We work with people who stutter, not simply with their speech behaviours. Our approach is not just about learning physical techniques that deal effectively in the short term with dysfluencies. We identify and teach the mechanics and dynamics of speaking.


Helps tackle fears.

Through techniques of concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance, the McGuire Programme helps tackle the many fears of speaking experienced by people who stammer.


Speaking becomes fun!

With your hard work, courage and perseverance, and our support, speaking can becomes fun. Like with most of us, you can start realizing your personal and professional potential.


Defeat your stutter!

We go beyond overcoming your stutter, we transform people who stutter into articulate, well spoken people. We don’t just concentrate on the speech, but the person as a whole.

We help people who stutter to become articulate, eloquent speakers.

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50/50 Begin Their Fight Against Stuttering
50/50 Begin Their Fight Against Stuttering

Written by joeodonnell on Mon, 06/30/2014 – 18:11 GMT On our June 2014 course in Galway, there were 12 new students…

Aarhus, Denmark - City Of Smiles
Aarhus, Denmark – City Of Smiles

I felt privileged and honoured to be asked by Daniel Kusk, Regional Director of the McGuire Programme in Scandinavia,…

The McGuire Programme Twenty Years Later...
The McGuire Programme Twenty Years Later…

Dave McGuire reunites with Ron Evans, one of his first students 20 years after his first pioneering stuttering course.

Members & Family Testimonials

I took the plunge and enrolled on the Galway course in November 2006. This was a truly life-changing moment. In the early days I shook with fear as I stood up but soon realised I had started the process of recovering my speech and took control of the simple things like saying my name. Public speaking on the soapbox and my farewell speech were the first times I had experienced the freedom to speak from my mind and my heart.
Simon Reid
Graduate / McGuire Programme Ireland
The programme has given me the technique to overcome my stammer. But apart from stammering the programme has giving me a number of tools to communicate well in life. Since October 2007 I have become a manager in work which means lots of meetings and presentations which before the programme would have been avoided at all costs. But now with the tools and techniques I can control my stammer and communicate well within this environment.
Rory West
Course Instructor / McGuire Programme Ireland
From a professional viewpoint, since 2005, the improvement in my speech enabled me to obtain an overseas posting in my job. I have gained a more positive outlook on life and done things I would not have thought possible beforehand, such as reading in church and speaking at Toastmasters. More importantly, the progress I have made with my speech enabled me to speak publicly at my son’s recent wedding without any fear. This gave me more pleasure than any other achievement.
Ray Croke
Primary Coach / McGuire Programme Ireland
Now I coach others and it is very satisfying to see people shake off that fear filled cocoon knowing that I have helped them on their journey. You can join us in this journey. You will be surrounded by people who know exactly what you are going through because we too are working to overcome our stammer.
Philip Reilly
Primary Coach / McGuire Programme Ireland
August 2005 was the beginning of my ‘real’ life when I joined up with the McGuire Programme. To see other people experiencing the same problem I had for 21 long, torturing years was a breakthrough. Fantastic presentations and support from other people who stammer was just jaw dropping to watch and I knew there and then if I put in the work I would be on the same road of eloquent speech as them.
Padraic Hamrogue
Graduate / McGuire Programme Ireland
I rang Joe O Donnell and received an information pack, but I held off for a year and a half, until I eventually made up my mind to go on the programme. I did my first course in November 2007 and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Since joining the McGuire Programme I am a lot more confident as a person as well as a speaker. I would advise anyone who has a stammer to go on the programme. It is not a cure but it gives you the tools and the confidence to deal with your stammer.
Paddy Cleere
Graduate / McGuire Programme Ireland
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